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Immersion Heaters and Central Heating Systems in Wickford, Essex

Secure Electrical Services offers first-class assistance with immersion heaters and central heating systems. Based in Wickford, Essex, our passionate team is standing by to assist you swiftly and professionally.

What We Offer

We provide services for economy 7 tanks, which are electric. This means the heater boils water overnight to ensure reduced energy costs. An immersion heater is placed to provide a boost to the tank. The immersion heater is only used when all hot water in the tank is depleted.

Our team also specialises in the boilers used for central heating systems. We’re able to install a backup heating element, making sure that if your boiler breaks you are still able to receive hot water throughout the house.

General repair work is also available. We will assess what the problem is with your immersion heater – whether it is the heating element, the thermostat, or something else. Occasionally the thermostat trips out the safety feature as it has become too hot. We’ll reset this, or replace the thermostat if it is faulty.

Drain Down

As part of the drain down, we’ll remove all excess scale. This helps to protect the elements of your heating system and improve their lifespan. As we utilise specialised equipment, including a small pump, we’re able to complete this work faster than most plumbers.