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Immersion Heater installation and repair in Wickford, Essex

Secure Electrical Services offer first-class assistance with immersion heater installation and repair.  Based in Wickford, Essex, we offer a swift and professional service and are ready to assist as soon as we can when you call

What We Offer

We repair, maintain and replace a range of immersion heater elements to hot water storage tanks.  These can be economy7 or those used as a back-up to your central heating system via a boost.  

Electric shower installation work is also available alongside replacing thermostats and other associated repair and maintenance items.  

Drain Down

As part of the drain down process in an immersion repair we will remove all excess scale in the tank. This helps to protect the element and improve the lifespan of the immersion heater. We utilise specialised equipment to complete this work in a timely manner and generally faster than most plumbers.